Your business is important to you. We help you maximize your earnings. Whatever your corporate structure or situation, we ensure your strategies are optimized and you’re getting the greatest benefits out of corporation while optimizing taxes.

Corporate Preferred Estate Transfer

Are you tired of paying too much tax on your dividends? Sick of management fees? If you’re parking large chunks of money in your corporation as retained earnings, we’ve got some solutions for you. What if you could withdraw retained earnings now, deferring tax payment to a future date? By keeping money in your corporation, a business owner triggers passive income taxation. This also increases your income tax rate. Contrary to what many people think, parking your money in a corporation’s account DOES NOT HELP you save. WiseInvest™ will ensure your corporate strategies are optimized for success.


Fund your retirement the right way

Imagine the possibilities if you had a fully funded retirement that could not only pay for your basic standard of living but grant you the freedom to do whatever you want. The good news is we can help you achieve that goal by helping you take advantage of your corporation’s capital (not personal). The result is fewer taxes payable for your corporation and a fully-funded retirement.



Looking for another way to save for retirement while saving on tax? Meet the Individual Pension Plan, a registered defined-benefit pension plan that provides substantial retirement benefits, especially if your RRSP contribution has reached its threshold.

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Are you a business owner and looking for a better way to save for retirement? The PPP could be for you. It’s a Canadian tax-savings solution that provides flexibility with contributions made, especially if cash flows vary.

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Are you a business owner and looking for supplemental benefits? This may be a viable solution for you. It acts as a great alternative if you don’t have a Registered Pension Plan. It will also allow you to sustain a high quality of life up until retirement and beyond.

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Corportate tax savings plans

As a busy corporate business owner, having to balance the many spinning plates of your business is no easy endeavor. Managing your employees, own personal finances, retirement plan, and the growing list of daily responsibilities is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. As a business owner, you deserve to make the most of all the benefits your corporation can offer you without incurring taxes. Due to its complex nature with multiple factors to consider, doing it on your own isn’t easy – one wrong turn and you could be worse off than where you started. That’s why it requires the expertise of a true professional who’s equipped with the right know-how and tools to remove the hassle and ensure you’re wealth is maximized.
Altogether, you’ll be able to lower your tax liability, benefit more from your corporation’s fund, and achieve more financial freedom.


Corporate Critical Life & Illness Insurance

What do you do when an emergency such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or sudden death strike? Most are unprepared, but with a comprehensive insurance plan in place, you could be shielded from possible financial ruin.

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Group Extended Health Insurance

Unfortunate events can happen to you or your loved ones, which can put you in a financial bind if you’re not prepared. Many expenses such as physiotherapy, prescription drugs, and special medical devices are commonly not covered, making it difficult to afford if one puts you out of work.

Ensure the preventable doesn’t occur by getting the right “know-how” from a WiseInvest™ advisor today.

Healthcare Spending Account

If you don’t want to pay the additional premiums and deductibles that come with traditional medical coverage insurance, the HSA is a great alternative. Like a savings account, it allows you to dip into it when certain health care costs are not covered by your plan.

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